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AutoMap™ and NRG Mobility & Fleet Solutions are Pleased to Announce their Partnership


(January 2021) – AutoMap™ and NRG Mobility have entered into a partnership allowing NRG Mobility to provide solutions to the fleet industry through the use of the AutoMap™ location system. With the extensive experience NRG Mobility brings to fleet management and their ability to anticipate the needs of their clients the inclusion of AutoMap™'s award winning location system is a natural fit.

Quote from Mark Sargent CEO of AutoMap™

"We are excited to work with NRG Mobility & Fleet Solutions to expand our product offering to more customers. With NRG's extensive fleet experience and background, we can collectively offer even more value to our current and future customers. For over a decade AutoMaP™ has been providing secure vehicle location services to many markets, and with NRG's combined leadership we believe there is a great opportunity to further broaden our market and serve even more."

"The ability to take our strong existing on-lot solution and add this to NRG's comprehensive offerings is an exciting proposition for AutoMap™," said Mark Sargeant, CEO of AutoMap™. "With this partnership, AutoMap™'s ability to track a vehicle for individual customers and through the chain of custody increases dramatically."

Quote from Neil Schamus – Managing Partner of NRG Mobility & Fleet Solutions

"AutoMap™ represents the type of value added and cost-effective solution that our clients need and we are excited to work together to enable more operations to realize increased operating efficiencies that will drive overall performance and profit improvements."

Background on AutoMap

AutoMap has been tracking vehicles for over 12 years and has expertise throughout the auto industry. AutoMap has had the opportunity to serve dealerships, auto auctions, transport, OEM, and financial institutions. In 2016 AutoMap™ debuted their Premiere Vehicle Tracking System, powered by Bluetooth OBD, which brings the dealership total visibility to their business. Understanding what location services can do for an organization's efficiency, the improvement of the bottom line, and the agility to adjust to our customer's needs have been integral to AutoMap's success. This now includes not just location services, but the entire health of the vehicle including recall alerts, ensuring the dealership's lot is "customer ready". AutoMap™ has been awarded "Finalist – Driving Sales 2017" and "Winner – MBUSI (Mercedes-Benz U.S. International) Innovation Award 2018".

Background on NRG Mobility and Fleet Solutions

NRG Mobility and Fleet Solutions brings a team that has been managing the fleet life-cycle for decades. NRG understands the operational challenges and finds opportunities with a balanced customized approach, combining the business needs with mobility's newest technologies, ideas, products and visions, into simple, executable, value-added outcomes. NRG Mobility is a proud member and part of an "Industry Collective", a group of consultants that work together to address the ecosystem of Mobility to drive your "Return on Investment" Visit NRG at for more information and follow us on LinkedIn.

Dealers Can Decrease Safety Recall Liability And Increase Safety Recall Warranty Reimbursement, Through AutoMap's Vehicle Tracking Solutions – now providing safety recall notifications.


Hillsboro, ORE, February 12th, 2020

AutoMap™ has integrated AutoAp's highly accurate and comprehensive Safety Recall Management Technology into their solution, helping dealers reduce safety recall liability and increase warranty reimbursement revenue in addition to their automated vehicle electronic-tagging, location and flooring audit services.

Auto dealers can now reduce their safety recall liability and customers' risk inside of AutoMap's automated tracking service with AutoAp, Inc.'s comprehensive, accurate and timely safety recall technology that adds on demand recall discovery and status verification capability.

AutoMap's revolutionary vehicle location system helps dealerships reduce costs and speed time-to-line with a seamless workflow that simplifies dealer operations — saving time and resources while maximizing productivity.

While obtaining vehicle location status has always been easy with AutoMap, gaining insight to safety recall status has been time-consuming and error-prone – until now.

"After reviewing potential sources of safety recall information, we found that AutoAp, Inc. provides the highest-quality safety recall information available in the industry. AutoMap™ selected AutoAp based on our strict requirements and standards to provide dealerships the most accurate and timely safety recall technology available." AutoMap's CEO, Mark Sargeant told us.

Under license from AutoAp, AutoMap's solution easily provides dealerships an accurate and on-demand way to know the safety recall status of vehicles in their inventory. Dealers can check vehicles from within AutoMap to learn their safety recall status.

As a result, dealers can make even better vehicle purchasing decisions by knowing the accurate safety recall status of vehicles and get them repaired sooner.

Continuing Market Problem – Due to the ever-increasing safety technologies being designed into new vehicles, safety recalls continue being issued in record numbers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). As a result of these historically-high numbers, franchised car dealers have increased liability risk as vehicle safety recalls have gained significant media attention. Although manufacturers and their suppliers are the source of vehicle defects, auto dealers are being held liable for selling vehicles with open safety recalls, which may be the most significant legal exposure that a dealership has today. AutoMap's CEO, Mark Sargeant went on to tell us, "Dealers can find safety recalls earlier, which helps increase compliance, make their process more efficient and increases profitability. We are ple4ased to have partnered with AutoAp – their CEO literally wrote the book on this topic."

Current Sources Have Significant Errors – Dealers who use to verify the safety recall status of off-brand vehicles put themselves at risk from missed recalls ("false negatives") from NHTSA's site. Vehicle history reports can also have errors, and timing delays from the OEMs and NHTSA, with often-inconsistent recall status, which further increases dealers' liability and reduces consumer safety.

Mark Paul, CEO of AutoAp, Inc. told us, "Dealerships find it difficult to stay on top of safety recalls, due to the size and complexity of the problem. Worse, they think they're 'covered' with current systems. Our proprietary processes generate the most-accurate, multi-sourced safety recall status available, anywhere. We are excited to partner with AutoMap, so that we can reach more dealers even faster to help address this significant problem"

AutoAp's Safety Recall Management technology can also be purchased as standalone dealer solutions to generate revenue and decrease liability for vehicle acquisition; for sold-customer recall service; or as integrated into third-party dealer service providers like AutoMap.

Key differentiators between AutoMap™ and the others:

  • Trusted nearly 2 to 1 over dealers' own OEM DCSs*.
  • Highest-quality: Most comprehensive, accurate and timely recall notification available.
  • Only solution provider identified by Automotive News as a Safety Recall Best Practice, using AutoAp.
  • Peace of mind, knowing that you're covered.
  • Literally wrote the book on the topic: Safety Recalls: Think You're Covered?
  • Our dealers say it best: Written testimonials (we have more… in the book) and video testimonials.

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    about professional recall management solutions & dealer testimonials.

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    AutoMap™, Hillsboro, Oregon – AutoMap™ is an award-winning provider of vehicle location services, vehicle health information and a state-of-the-art inventory search engine which allows instant access to invoice records. Used through all sectors of the auto industry, AutoMap™ provides dealerships with increased efficiency, cost savings customer satisfaction. Through AutoMap's patent-pending security we can provide any customer and their floorplan lenders secure auditing with a click of the mouse. Uniquely driven to solve dealership challenges, AutoMap continues to partner with like minded companies to provide the most versatile and cost-effective system available.

    Contact: Mark Sargeant, CEO
    AutoMap™, LLC

    AutoAp, Inc., Beaverton, Oregon - Is an automotive software solution provider focused on bringing innovative, patents-pending safety recall management services to organizations involved in vehicle purchase, sale, service, finance and fleet management. Its flagship product (Dynamic Recall Management), an industry-recognized best-practices solution, is being used by dealerships across the country to save time and money while increasing compliance and reducing safety recall liability. Their recently-published book – "Safety Recalls: Think You're Covered?" has quickly become the go-to reference that shines a light on the broken safety recall ecosystems, how dealerships and their customers are at serious risk, what to do about it and how to obtain the liability and financial impacts due to safety recalls. For more information, go to

    Contact: Mark Paul, CEO
    AutoAp, Inc.
    503-951-6150 /

    Zubie Partners with AutoMap for Dealer Loaner Fleet Tracking Solution.


    Bloomington, MN, February 11th, 2020

    The partnership expands Zubie's reach to include dealer loaner programs, provides holistic on and off-lot tracking capability.

    Zubie, a leading connected-car platform and telematics data insights provider, announced a new integration partnership with AutoMap™, the leading inventory tracking and audit solution for dealerships to launch its new product, AutoMap Pro™, which will add the capability of off-lot tracking for dealership loaner fleets.

    Currently, the AutoMap™ system provides dealerships with the means to track their inventory using a Bluetooth-based solution, great for flooring audits, vehicle movement across departments, and now can alert the dealership to recall alerts with the most comprehensive system available. The addition of Zubie's telematics capabilities extends the reach of dealers to track their loaner vehicles when they leave the lot, allowing them to locate and recover vehicles quickly and efficiently. For Zubie, this partnership expands their product base beyond fleet and rental operations, into dealership loaner fleet management.

    "Locating and recovering loaner vehicles is as challenging for dealership operators as it is for rental and fleet managers," said Gary Tucker, CEO of Zubie. "We are enthusiastic about our partnership with AutoMap™, giving dealership general managers a proven telematics solution to help protect their assets and optimize their business with the same success we've provided to rental and business fleet operators."

    AutoMap's device installs and removes in seconds and automates tracking and reporting, eliminating human error and simplifying the logistics process of on-lot vehicle tracking for sales teams, service managers, and auditors.

    "The ability to take our strong existing on-lot solution and expand it beyond the boundaries of the dealership is an exciting proposition for dealership general managers," said Mark Sargeant, CEO of AutoMap™. "With this Zubie partnership, AutoMap™ customers can now track their loaner cars once they leave the dealership with the same efficiency and simplicity as when they're at the dealership."

    About Zubie - Since 2012, Zubie's connected-car SaaS platform has helped business, rental, and loaner fleet managers protect their assets and optimize their business. Zubie makes fleet management simple – simple to install, simple to use, and simple to improve business operations. Headquartered in Bloomington, MN, Zubie has been awarded "Best Insurance Telematics Product" and "Best OBDII Device with Software and Services". Visit for more information.

    About AutoMap™ - AutoMap™ has been assisting dealerships manage and locate their inventory since 2010. In 2016 AutoMap™ debuted their Premiere Vehicle Tracking System, powered by Bluetooth OBD, which brings the dealership total visibility to their business. This now includes not just location services, but the entire health of the vehicle including recall alerts, ensuring the dealership's lot is "customer ready". AutoMap™ has been awarded "Finalist – Driving Sales 2017" and "Winner – MBUSI (Mercedes-Benz U.S. International) Innovation Award 2018".

    Contact: Mark Sargeant, CEO
    AutoMap™, LLC

    Contact: Mike Cooperman