AutoMap™ Announces Partnership with KeyPS!

AutoMap™ announces partnership with KeyPS! KeyPS is a key location system which can be used stand alone, or in combination with your check out systems. Stop paying for key replacement.

They have designed the system to pass through the system creating a value added product for your customers. Dealerships can make $20 extra per car, NO SELLING REQUIRED!

Explore the possibilities. Just remember to take your monthly sales volume and times it by 20. I dare you to leave money on the table. #dealerships, #key replacement, #F&I.

Replacing a vehicle key is expensive and time consuming. The time taken to look for a lost key will cost you extra overhead.

Finding it hard to squeeze in extra profit at F&I. With KeyPS there is no sale to be made at F&I, it is already wrapped up in the invoice. Imagine making an extra $20 for every vehicle sold, it adds up.

Just selling 200 vehicles each month you will net $4,000 extra. What other system can improve your dealerships efficiency, save money and net you a profit?


KeyPS uses customized trackers that function on both iPhone and Android devices. Each tracker emits a Bluetooth signal that identifies each tracker and its battery level. This signal can be seen up to 30 yards away and the app can easily assign the location or detect the key for easy tracking. No more searching through desk drawers to searching through various vehicles.

KeyPS will map the location last seen and direct you right to its location.

Through and inventory feed from the dealership each pair of trackers can be easily assigned to the correct vehicle. Upon sale of the vehicle the ownership of the KeyPS tracker transfers to the new owner.

(Cash register sound) $20 every time!

The KeyPS system has partnered with the AutoMap Vehicle Location System as well. Now, as you search your vehicle inventory you can keep track of your keys.

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